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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  September 8, 2011 4:40pm-5:00pm PDT

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the next election is 14 months away. and the people who sent us here, the people who hired us to work for them, they don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months. [ applause ] some of them are living week to week. paycheck to paycheck. even day-to-day. they need help. and they need it now. i don't pretend that this plan will solve all our problems. it should nott be, nor will it be, the last plan of action we propose. what's guided us from the start of this crisis hasn't been the search for a silver bullet.
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it's'seen a commitment to stay at it. to be persistent. to keep trying every new idea that works. and listen to every good proposal, no matter what party comes up with it. regardless of the arguments we've had in the past, regardless of the arguments we will have in the future, this plan is the right thing to do right now. you should pass it. and i intend to take that message to every corner of this country. and i ask -- i ask every american who agrees, to lift your voice. tell the people who are gathered here tonight that you want action now. ll washington that doing nothing is not an option. remind us that if we act as one nation and one people, we have it within our power to meet this challenge. president kennedy once said,
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"our problems are manmade. therefore, they can be solved by man." and man can be as big as he wants. these are difficult yeyes for our countrtr but we are americans. we are tougher than the times we live in, and we are bigger than our politics have been. so, let's meet the moment. let's get to work. and let's show the world once again why the united states of america remains the greatest nation on earth. thank you very much. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> president obama wrapping up his american jobs act. we have news breaking right now. began to break just as the president began to speak, relate to a terrorist threat against america right now. it is a specific and credible reat. i want to bring in brian ross. and brian, u.s. officials believe they learned this just in the last several hours, at least three individuals e eered the united states with the intent toaunch some kind of a vehicle attack against washington or new york around the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
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>> exactly right, george. information coming to intelligence officials, these three operatives, they believe two may have u.s. papers. and concerns about a vehicle-born attack of some sort. either here in new york or in the nation's capital. >> and these individuals have been eye department if i but they have not been apprehended and some trucks are missing. >> there are two trucks missing and they are looking around tht country for missing trucks, including two in the kansas city area. they are planning to put out an alert to state and local law enforcement agents in the next couple of hours about this concern. they call it specific and credible, though still not yet confnfmed. >> but as you've been reporting leading up to the tenth anniversary of 9/11, it has been unusually quiet. not so much chatter in the intelligence community picking upupbut this is different. >> this is different. this is based in some part on information developed overseas. they do believe this is
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something wortrtrunning down. they are quite concerned about it. there was no particular chatter about it but it is of concern. it would be an easy matter, of course, to, easier than a high explosive, to rig up t tcks with bombs. that's a great concern. >> let me bring in jake tapper now. what does the white house know about in? what are they telling you? >> president obama was indeed briefed on this earlier today. he already had consolidated resources leading up to the anniversary of 9/11, knowing of al qaeda's interest in the past of an anniversary, as you might recall, some of our reporting after osama bin laden was killed, some of the information in his compound indicated he was planning, he wanted to do something surrounding the anniversary. now, with this specific, credible threat information, president obama has told the intelligence community, i'm told, by senior officials, told the intelligence community to redouble their efforts surrounding this specific threat, george. >> okay. let's get more on that from
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pierre thomas. as brian mentioned, pierre, a bulletin will go out tonight. >> yes, i just spoke with senior fbi officials and they are working on that bulletin. they want to get the basic information out about this particular potential plot. they want to get out the information about the vehicle bomb that would target washington or new york city. and they a a also running down all leads, anything about trucks, anything about individuals who may have been acting suspiciously. the fbi is pulsing the system, trying to get information from sources, everything is being looked at tonight, george. >> "20/20" anchor chris cuomo is here with me, as well. what do the local police, local official boss with this informatioioonce the alert comes >> here's the interesting information. this is developing. and as of now, local authorities, state authorities, don't have word about this. so, there is no bulletin yet. here's the g gd news. surrounding the niversary, security in the area has been highly coordinated between federal, state and local.
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there are all typesf preparations for any type of vehicle-born bomb threat. terps, thousands of barriers in place already because of the event. in terms of tracking down these vehicles, at least one of the rental companies doesn't have gps capability to the truck so you can't simply find where they are. they're going to have to search to find them. no word is outow but the good news is authorities have been getting ready for this. >> let me bring in brian for another note here. there has been a lot of concern about a home grown terrorist but here we're talking about people coming into the united states and it seems more coordinated. >> in fact, it seems to be connected to whaha they call central al qaeda either in afghanistan or pakistan. three operatives supposedly arriving in this country sometime in mid-august and they had been on the lookout for that. at least three, perhaps more. >> okay, and jon karl, up on
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capitol hill what have congressmen been told about this? >> all we know is the top leadership in the house and the senate have been briefed on this. don't know further details on this. it doesn't appear the briefing has gone beyond them. we spoke to other senior members who say they have not heard anything about it yet. >> okay, jon karl, thank you all very much. we'll have much more on this all day long, all night long on and also on "nightline" later. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. have a good night. >> announcer: this has been an abc news special. good afternoon, thanks for joining us for this abbreviated addition of abc 7 news at 4:00. >> binning with one of the company's touted by the president over the past year is a model for green jobs and is in big trouble tonight. >> fbi agents raided the fremont headquarters of solyndra.
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>> and took away a truck full of boxes. the solar panel manufacturer filed for bankruptcy, laying off over a thousand employees. they received $535 million in loans from the federal government, just part of a department of energy contract. >> i just found out, and said they're looking for documents. i don't know what they're looking for. >> and there is word two investors may try to possibly move the operations out of the country. something that is not allowed under the terms of the federal loan. >> and governor brown and the state assembly have struck a new deal designed to keep jobs in california. >> it would require companies to base their corporate tax calculations on the share of sales they have in california. backers say it will raise $1 billion per year coming from out of state company autos this includes tax breaks for
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california-based companies and individual taxpayers, 25 other states use similar policies. >> this is a very important coming together of very desperate individuals and views to do something for california. >> by closing a corporate loophole that only benefits out of state corporations we're providing real, permanent tax relief to california. >> the governor still needs to persuade enough senators to vote for this package. >> and all right. >> yet another bart protest set to begin in 11 minutes in downtown san francisco. >> this is happening at powell street station. and the group no justice no, bart plans to block the fair gates there and not enter the platform. >> the goal is letting people through without paying the fare. bart says if they block the gates they'll be arrested.
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and the group wants bart police to disband. >> and police have charged a transient with attempted murder in connection with an early morning stabbing. >> this occurred at the balboa park bart station right around 6:00 a.m. and that appears to have come out of the blue. >> the victim and suspect arrived on a bus together. and upon approaching the agent booth, the suspect stabbed a victim once in the neck, then fled from this scene. >> the 35-year-old was arrested following a brief search of the area and had a knife, two knifes on him, one had blood on it. the victim is only described as a male in his 60s, he will will be soon released from san francisco general hospital oo. and an unusual ground breaking in san francisco. to mark the beginning of a new public safety building. the mayor actually got behind controls of a back hoe to make this dig. >> other local dignitaries
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joined in for the shoveling of dirt. the new building is scheduled for completion in 2014 and will house command center, a police station as well as fire station at a projected cost of $243 million. >> and in emeryville, the police department unveiled a new state of the art emergency response vehicle. and the vehicle will alout department to set up a mobile command post for disasters and better respond to major crime scene autos the department didn't pay any of the quarter million dollar fees for the vehicle but it was a gift from. emeryville. >> a september 11th story of hope on a day that so many americans changed this young woman's life was saved. >> another punishing storm hitting the east coast. several communities have been cleared out to make way for flood water autos and serving of thunderstorms may be on our weekend weather men yuchl
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details are coming up in the forecast. >> sky 7 live over market street right now. you can see a line of police officers that are responding to calls for protests at bart tonight. powell street and police are in position.
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a new study suggests it may be better to live in or near a city.
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>> researchers looked at health data from 3,000 counties nationwide and found a 48% of the healthiest counties were urban or suburban and 84% were rural. >> experts found city dwellers have better access to health care and rural residents were more likely to smoke sig reets september 11th is a day of sorrow for many. and there is a day a miracle happened. >> jennifer was near death at children's hospital in stanford, her only hope was a new heart supposed to be flown in from the east coast but then, the terrorist attacks happened and planes were grounded and her chances began to collapse. >> a chance a heart donor was found locally. she was able to get a transplant that same night. >> this is sad. and to know everyone died but
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knowing i survived and got a heart. i'm doing fine. >> this is a mixed emotion day all around. we were scared for the world. >> jennifer faces a possibility of another heart transplant since one she received 10 years ago may be failing. >> and now, the remnants of tropical storm lee are dumping more rain rain on areas slammed by hurricane irene. >> and there is a river expected to crest at any moment now. the same height as the levy protecting communities and there are residents ordered to leave homes just hours ago. >> i'm moving out of the first floor because 38 feet i'm going to have five feet on the first floor. >> flood water is toxic. if you don't have to be in the water, stay out of the water. >> and levels are expected to
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be their highest since flooding from hurricaning aness in 1972. >> and a very different situation here. another beautiful day of weather. >> and there is coming our way. cooler this weekend and a slight chance of thunderstorms. there are build ups looking east this after the noon. build ups over to our east and there are storms going to come up from the south and east as we can see there is lows that are going to pull up moisture from the south and late tomorrow night into saturday, we can expect thunderstorms to the south and into the sierra. continuing into saturday afternoon, there won't be much rain but will be lightning. there is concern some of the dry lightning strikes could trigger fires. there is a fire weather watch friday through saturday, up into northern sierra and beyond that, a red flag warning for high fire danger because of hot, dry winds in that area. coupled with the threat of dry
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lightning strikes. so we'll be on the lookout over the weekend. low temperatures tonight here in the bay area into mid-50s so another mild overnight period, then a warm day tomorrow. especially inland. and high temperatures will be soaring into mid to upper 90s inland and 102 possibly up in yuk kaia. 70s near the bay and 90s inland that. is our weather wrap up. >> thank you. >> and thanks for joining us this afternoon. and cheryl is here now about news at 5:00. >> the fbi raids fremont's bankrupt solar company. why agents are serving search warrants. >> regulateors say it must prove something important before increasing pressure in a pipeline. bart protesters plan a new tactic to keep the heat on bart. will it backfire? >> developing news right now,
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the u.s. government has received a credible terror threat. that threat is unconfirmed but according to abc news, counter terrorism sources say three individuals entered the u.s. last month intending to launch a vehicle bomb attack in washington, d.c. or new york. and this reported threat comes just three days before the tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. one official says the information threat is so specific, it cannot be ignored. we'll update you with new developments as soon as we can get them. the fbi swarmed the headquarters of fremont's solyndra today, declaring bankruptcy last week z we have the story from solyndra. >> and the raid comes one week after the company suddenly went belly up, and closed down. and one week before a congressional hearing about the company's controversial federal loans. >> this


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